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Blac Chyna Admits Rob Was The ‘Better Lover’ Over Tyga In Bombshell New Interview

Blac Chyna sat down with Wendy Williams for a candid interview on May 15, and nothing was off limits! She admitted that her ex Rob Kardashian is a better lover than her other baby daddy, Tyga. She also revealed if she’d ever get back with Rob!

Blac Chyna, 31, always tells it like it is. And, her latest confession came down to which one of her exes was the better lover — Rob Kardashian, 32, or Tyga, 29. The hot button question was asked by none other than Wendy Williams, 54, who welcomed Chyna as a guest on her May 15th show. “Who’s the better lover, Tyga or Robert? With all things considered, you’re a woman, it’s not all about the act, it’s about the feelings and the snack he gets you after,” Wendy said. Chyna began laughing and replied, “Can I choose neither?”— But, Wendy wouldn’t let her off that easy. Finally she said, “Ah, I gotta pick one? Better lover? Rob.” But, she said she has no interest in rekindling her romance with Rob.

Chyna met Tyga when she starred in his “Rack City” music video in 2011. They welcomed son King Cairo, now 6, in October 2012 and got engaged shortly after — but broke it off by August 2014. Chyna began dating Rob in 2016. They welcomed daughter Dream, now 2, in November 2016. They split for good in 2017.

Wendy then asked how the Kardashian family felt about her relationship with Rob in the beginning, and Chyna seemed to reveal bits and pieces of a conversation she had with his mother, Kris Jenner. “At first it was kind of skeptical, but not really though,” Chyna explained. “Because it was never a disrespectful thing towards them, it was always stuff coming at me. So when we sat down, it was like, ‘This is whats going on. If you make my son happy, then we’re all good.”

(See the trailer for Blac Chyna’s new docu-series, above.)

Rob and Chyna split in 2

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