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A Redditor shared a genius way for beating dark circles on darker skin tones

If ever we’re faced with a makeup dilemma, are in search of some skincare wisdom, or simply fancy a deep dive into the weird and wonderful world of internet beauty, we can always rely on the good people of Reddit to come through with some ingenious ideas.

Today is no exception, because one Reddit user has created a foolproof undereye concealer technique for darker skin tones to get rid of dark circles, modelled by their very own mum.

University of Albany student Kaivalya Gorla, aka TheWhitestBrown on Reddit, took to the Makeup Addiction section to share photos of her mum’s makeover, leaving everyone astounded by the knockout transformation.

@thewhitestbrown / Reddit

As you can see from the side-by-side comparison photos, Gorla’s done an absolutely flawless job of brightening her mum’s dark circles. Seriously, can you see them? The base is literally blended to perfection and if we didn’t know better, we’d think this was a mother/daughter shot.

After fans asked for a rundown of how she created the radiant look, Gorla spilled her secrets to achieving perfect colour correction.

To begin with, Gorla recommends using a peachy-based concealer all around the undereyes, such as the Black Radiance Stick Concealer in Fair. “Do not use a beauty blender, use a small brush with spare bristles so it doesn’t move the product,” Gorla advises.

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Next, “use a medium-to-high coverage concealer to cover the color difference,” she continues, such as the Tarte Shape Tape or the Wet and Wild Photo Focus Concealer, before getting to work with a beauty blender.

Lastly, Gorla advises baking the concealer with a loose powder such as Coty Air Spun Power on the tip of a beauty blender to set. “If you’re even darker than my mum, I would recommend going to a super red-based concealer,” Gorla explains. “Something that looks like terracotta, peachy tones stop working after a certain level!”

Gorla also explains that to achieve a natural look, she lays down her foundation first, before picking up the “BR concealer In Fair to cancel out the darkness, Kokie Concealer to make the colour match,

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