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Catelynn Lowell Confesses She Thought About ‘Driving Off The Road’ & Killing Herself During Depression

Nearly eighteen months after entering treatment for suicidal thoughts, ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Catelynn Lowell has opened up about her mental health struggles and the ‘trauma’ of giving her first child up for adoption.

“It was after we struggled with a miscarriage, and I kept waking up with panic attacks, and they were not going away — it was for, like, two weeks,” Catelynn Lowell, 27, said during the June 14 episode of the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. During the conversation, the Teen Mom OG star opened up the decision to seek treatment in 2017 after experiencing suicidal thoughts. “And I think when you keep waking up with panic attacks over and over, it leads me into a depression. I just remember thinking like, ‘I don’t wanna wake up like this anymore.

“I was just thinking random things like, ‘I’m gonna drive off the road and hit that pole,’ or thinking of all these different ways that I could commit suicide,” said Catelynn [around 9:00 in the episode]. “And, I think that’s really – I was in the house, [Novalee Baltierra] was in school. Tyler [Baltierra, 27] was with our producers and they were like doing yoga or something. I was at the house by myself. and I remember [Tyler] had a belt hanging up on one of the hooks in our bedroom, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I could totally use that belt and wrap it around my neck and just be done with it.’ “

When Tyler and the producer came back, Catelynn said she “was just honest with them. I’m really thinking all these crazy things. I think I need to get h

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