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50 Cent Mocks Floyd Mayweather By Jokingly Demanding Money From The Boxer In New Video

Let the trolling continue! 50 Cent took to IG to continuing his beef with boxer Floyd Mayweather in an new video!

50 Cent is a five-star internet troll and he’s taken his trolling to new levels today in an Instagram video that heightens his ongoing feud with his former friend Floyd Mayweather. The New York rapper shared a savage clip with superimposed voices over images of himself and the fighter. In the video, Mayweather is shown holding what he says is a million dollars cash, and 50, in a fake voice, says, “Hey, what you doing with all that money?… Now that I think about it, don’t you owe me some money man?”

Hysterically flustered with his fake, high-pitch voice, the boxer replies, “Come on now 50, I already paid you 50. You know I don’t owe you no money!” That didn’t sit so well with fake-50, who replies, “Hey champ, you got two mother-fing seconds to find that money, man!” This comes after 50 and Floyd reignited their feud from last year, when the champ posted on July 4th an Insta

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