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Miley Cyrus Has a Polarizing View on Virginity

Miley Cyrus has said and done a lot of unusual things in the name of feminism and sexual freedom.

We mean… remember that time she got spanked by the Easter Bunny?

But a new Instagram post and message from the artist has truly left followers both angry and confused, as Cyrus appears to be taking the stance that everyone out there is just banging left and right.

We’re talking full-on sexual intercourse all over the place!

Miley Cyrus Makes a Face

“Virginity is a social construct,” Cyrus wrote as a message to go along with a photo of two hands that sure looks like a vagina. 

It’s not entirely clear what Miley means here, but a social construct is defined as an “idea or notion that appears to be natural and obvious to people who accept it but may or may not represent reality, so it remains largely an invention or artifice of a given society.”

In other words, in this context, Cyrus is apparently saying that virginity is simply an “idea or a notion” that, in reality, is nothing more than an “artifice.”

In other other words? Virginity does not exist.

Sort of makes you think, right?

Miley Cyrus construct

Either that, or it makes you explode in frustration and annoyance.

“Honestly, you shouldn’t be posting stuff like that,” wrote one annoyed social media user. “You should respect people’s choices and respect the fact that you have [a] young audience, too. It’s not OK to shame people that choose to stay [a] virgin or anything like that!”

Added another critic:

“Virginity is a personal choice, not one for Miley to define or belittle.”

And yet another:

“I love Miley… but I have to disagree with her. We gotta teach young women that we do have value and everyone has to earn and respect our virginity and (us as whole, of course).

“But if we teach young women to ‘get around’ and that it’s normal, then women are shown as an object and nothing more … that’s dangerous.”

Miley Cyrus on virginity

On the flip side of these points, however, an abundance of supporters are saying that Cyrus is being wildly misunderstood here.

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