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Tom Cruise’s Kids Were Pressured To Excommunicate Mom Nicole Kidman, Claims Ex-Scientologist

Placido Domingo’s ex daughter-in-law, Sam, gave an interview about her time as a Scientologist and claims Isabella and Connor Cruise were trained by the church to ‘hate’ their mom after she divorced Tom.

An ex-Scientologist is speaking out about the situations she claims several celebrities, including former couple Tom Cruise, 57, and Nicole Kidman, 52, were involved in during her time as a member of the Church of Scientology according to a video posted on DailyMailTV. Sam Domingo, 51, the former daughter-in-law of opera singer Placido Domingo, 78, claims she was a member of the controversial church along with her now ex-husband Placido Domingo Jr. for 22 years. In the interview she claims she witnessed some pretty harsh circumstances when she socialized and studied with Tom and his family at the International Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, CA. According to the interview, one of those circumstances involved Tom and Nicole’s adopted kids, Isabella Cruise, now 26, and Connor Cruise, now 24, being pressured to separate themselves from Nicole after she divorced Tom in 2001.

Sam admitted to being close to Tom and his children (she says her three daughters, Paloma, 22, Victoria, 20, Daniela, 17, also befriended them), as well as his three sisters, whom she states in the interview were all involved in the church with her, and claims the hatred towards Nicole was how the church dealt with the divorce. Sam claims Isabella and Connor were just regular kids at the church until Tom and Nicole’s separation occurred, and when it did, they were both allegedly led into believing their mother should be ex-communicated and regarded a “Suppressive Person” since she was no longer married to Tom.

“I know what techniques they used… I know what the second-in-com

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